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About Principal designer and founder Romain Dossou Interiors


Romain’s childhood was flooded with creativity through Parisian culture including art, fashion and ballet. His style is shaped by not only his half-French and half-Beninese heritage but also by the places where he has lived. From Paris to Tokyo, Sydney to London, he has gained in those cities a wealth of design knowledge. Their unique cultures inspire his bold design aesthetic and endless curiosity about the world.

"I was raised in Paris: a city of elegant architecture, haute couture and one of the world’s epicentres of design.

Design is in my DNA.” 

After 15 years of working in the marketing and investment banking industries, he returned to his creative upbringing and studied Interior Design. He then acquired experience in a variety of commercial and residential projects at different Australian high-end design studios. With the urge to establish his own business and be closer to family, Romain Dossou Interiors was born in the Netherlands. 


Today, based in the vibrant city of Amsterdam, Romain combines his love of elegant architecture, and dramatic bold elements to deliver exquisite and sophisticated statement interiors. 

“I believe that my role as a designer is to get the most out of a space, have it express itself without holding back whilst
mirroring my client’s personality.

It should make a statement.”


We believe a home should reflect our client’s aspirations, unique personality, and lifestyle. We also listen to what a space has to say and its history, because quite often this is the reason to fall in love with a space. The unique details of a building, combined with the clients individuality can bring a design concept to life.


Our ability to interpret, re-imagine and create a new story between the “scene” and its “protagonists” leads to a luxurious sanctuary for our clients. We celebrate this fusion through the bold use of colours, exquisite details, sophisticated layering of materials, and a playful mix of shapes. The result: a breathtaking vision in every room, a sensory feast for our clients' everyday life and unforgettable luxurious interiors. These are the hallmarks of Romain’s “Statement Interiors” and capture his signature look. 

About Romain Dossou Interiors material sample board

The team at Romain Dossou Interiors is driven by three words: Passion, Innovation, and Dedication. 

Passion for what we do, meticulously displaying exceptional craftsmanship. Innovation by constantly drawing on inspiration from around the globe and the design industry. Dedication to quality, means we never compromise on research to provide our clients with the best the world has to offer and deliver the vision they fell in love with.

Sharing those values led Romain and his award-winning team to go above and beyond their clients' wishes and expectations. They have since been featured in some of the most prestigious publications, "The Art of Living" and "Excellent” magazines, to name a few.

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